How to Flash Meizu M6s via OTA Easy

How to Flashing Meizu M6s Simple Without PC

How to Flash Meizu M6s withou PC – The method that we will provide below is not only for updating but also can be used for downgrades. But this time we will try to do it on the Meizu M6s which has bootloop or softbrick. To repair the Meizu M6s that has been damaged, such as bootloop, softbrick, or returning to stock ROM, it is not too difficult, but it’s good if you do it carefully and not too hastily. Because it is feared it will worsen the damage.

Previously, my friend also needed to know something like what needed to be prepared to make improvements to the Meizu M6s, this time improvement would be focused on bootloop or softbrick. So for others it depends on the situation of your cellphone friend.

Now, please prepare what you need when doing flashing later, such as the Meizu M6s cellphone, the internet package that is quite a lot or if it is enough to download the firmware file for 1.5 GB or just use wifi to save it, PC or Laptop and data cable. Just in case if the process is long you can also eat snacks.

How to Flashing Meizu M6s Simple Without PC
How to Flashing Meizu M6s Simple Without PC

Next, please also prepare a strong mentality to do flashing because this requires a courage so that the way that is done on flashing the Mini Meizu M6s can work. The ingredients above please buddy prepare, and for materials such as Meizu M6s firmware, please take it below.

Take the Meizu M6s firmware below

  • Download Firmware Meizu M6s here

PS: We are not responsible for what will happen to your friend’s Meizu M6s. However, we will help if there are difficulties. Charging your battery is also more than 50%, but if you want it to be good if it’s full.

Tutorial Flashing/Update Meizu M6s Flyme OS

  1. Turn off your cellphone.
  2. Enter the Recovery Mode by “pressing and holding the volume up button plus the power button”.

    How to Flash Cell Phone Meizu With OTA
    How to Flash Cell Phone Meizu With OTA
  3. Connect your cellphone to Computer / Laptop.
  4. Copy the firmware that you have downloaded to the directory with the name recovery.
  5. When it’s finished, now it’s back on your cellphone.

    How to Flash Cell Phone Meizu With OTA Update
    How to Flash Cell Phone Meizu With OTA Update
  6. Checklist system upgrade and clear data.
  7. Then press Start.

    How to Flash Cell Phone Meizu With OTA Update Recovery
    How to Flash Cell Phone Meizu With OTA Update Recovery
  8. The flashing process will run around 10 minutes or it can be more.
  9. If you have finished your cellphone will restart automatically.

NB: If the above process has been completed, God willing, your cellphone can be used again but at first boot it will likely be a little longer, so please wait for a few minutes it can be up to 15 minutes for the first boot after flashing.

The tutorial above has been proven by many people and thank God is successful and not many reap failure. If you have a failure, you may have to find a fault where, because it could be that the failure lies in the eMMC of your friend’s Meizu M6s cellphone that is not functioning properly.

So how do I flash Meizu M6s tutorial without a PC from us if you want to ask please go through the comments column or you can go through contact us or via our fb page fans. That’s all from us if this tutorial according to your friend is useful, what’s wrong with sharing it with friends, thanks and assalamualaikum.

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